BIG Picture Success – Write Your Epic Eulogy

Every journey has a starting point and, because you’re awesome you’ve already done that exercise or made a good start. i.e. You’ve shared your snapshot/highlights of your life so far (reference lesson 2.1 ;Your life Right Now; specifically the document you created which highlighted key parts of your life in a snapshot or summary. You can go back to that lesson or your notes/journal now and look, if you don’t quite remember, I put an example in a link at the bottom of that lesson, so feel free to look at that or your own version, to jog your memory if need be).

You have also started to get clear on where your life is not primed and balanced for epic by doing your focus wheel. And yes, this is a work in progress, so keep referring to it and adding to it as you bring more attention to areas you want to focus on more.

Now, for the next exercise, I want you to step forward a few decades into your life, or even in fact, to the end of your life and write your own eulogy describing the epic life you led. Think big, come from your heart and soul. Be as specific as you can write now, right now. And know that clarity and confidence will keep growing too.

IMPORTANT POINT: Some of the stuff you put in your eulogy you won’t have had a chance to do yet, and thats OK. Note that by doing this exercise and adding in those things, you set the real intention TO DO THAT, TO BECOME THAT PERSON, TO BE YOUR OWN KIND OF EPIC, TO CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE, BY ADDING MORE FUN, ADVENTURE AND SATISFACTION etc . All of that becomes easier and easier as you continue to bust old limiting beliefs and step more and more into your power, as you rediscover your self, your passions, your joy, identity and purpose. So dream big! Enjoy believing and imagining what could be possible as you change and evolve into the person you want to/were meant to be.

What goes in your eulogy for the purpose of this exercise?
Imagine the end of your fully satisfying (epic) life and looking back on the life you lived.

WHO were you being? WHAT brought you joy? HOW did you make your life meaningful? What did you do? What did you stand for? What will you be remembered for?

I’ve done an example below of mine, and I cant wait to read yours as you get clearer and clearer about the epic life you want to live. Step into a place of authentic power and trusting in yourself as you draft this. Know too, that you can tweak this as you grow in confidence and clarity over the course too. This one is likely to take you more than 20 minutes, so take the time you need and feel free to add to it and leave it, give yourself time to process and come back again as often as you want or need to until you’re happy the first draft is ready. We are NOT going for perfection – because this is something that will crystalise as we go through the program.

My Epic Eulogy
Writing your epic eulogy – Tips for structure and content are optional. PLEASE do it YOUR WAY
A eulogy can include anecdotes, accomplishments, favourite quotes — any details that help paint a picture of who you really are (INCLUDING the person you are going to evolve into being over this course). The eulogy you write might include:

  • A brief recounting of your life story
  • Insights into their relationships with family and close friends (“He was the best dad a kid could have” “She and her granddaughter were thick as thieves”)
  • Career milestones and accomplishments
  • Achievements related to personal goals, interests, or hobbies (“She was determined not just to run a marathon but to win”)
  • Your favourite memories (“I remember the road trip to Wellington with my grandparents — my grandmother was the navigator which meant she spent most of the drive yelling, ‘You’re going the wrong way!’”)
  • Favourite quotes, poems, songs, proverbs
  • Your catchphrase or mantra, perhaps, or a poem or song
  • Your legacy and attributes