What Exactly Inspires Change in YOU?

Remembering a Change Inspirer

This is a powerful question, so take a swig of coffee (or tea or whatever), and put your thinking hat on as you cast your mind back… Here’s the question: What specifically or who has made you ready to change, previously?

The point of today’s lesson is to become aware of what makes a person inspiring and able to influence, and to do this from a personal experience perspective. Understanding this will also help clarify some of the attributes you value and that you may want to work on epitomising/exploring or expressing in your life more fully.

This story (below) is a very personal story to me about an event that fundamentally changed some of my most deeply held beliefs and values. Please note it includes reference to ghosts/spirits/unexplainable things, so if anything like that is a trigger for you, or if you simply prefer not to listen, feel free to skip the 5 minute audio-only story and go straight to the rest of the lesson.

The first video is a separate story that also introduces this lesson and will get you thinking about what you know and believe too!

Qualities of influencers
Please watch and follow along with the video below, pausing as needed to give yourself time to do the suggested task (list)

From doing this exercise you’ll have come up with a list of qualities that make someone/something influential or inspiring, to you. For your interest, the qualities of influencers document below is one that came from a brainstorm from a room of people sharing the attributes that came to mind for them, when they did the same visualisation exercise as you just did, (i.e. looking at someone who had influenced or inspired them). You may want to compare the two lists. What similarities do you find with your own list? Any other insights?

Here is the cool thing: You have, at multiple points in your life, influenced and inspired others – and that means, you have many of these qualities too. In fact, the reason these qualities inspire us is that they resonate with a part of us we value too. i.e. they are part of your inner awesome. How amazingly epic are you?! Pretty epic, thats for sure!