Taking Back Control of YOUR Time

Let me introduce to the 6 P’s that are going to have you feeling more on top of things, better able to say ‘no’ to things that don’t serve you and your epic life, and FEELING like you have the luxury of time to spend on YOU and your vision!

Click on the image below for the video that will talk you through the PDF’s that go with this lesson. Today is about considering, reviewing and becoming aware of the habits and actions that are not aligned with the life you want to live. After you’ve taken that snapshot of your current time management practice, you can pick 1-3 areas of your focus wheel and use time blocking and the time management matrix to help you make decisions that prioritise what is REALLY important to YOU.

Journaling is particularly important for this module. Notice what ‘hell NO’s’ come up. What feels unrealistic? What feels hard or impossible? And then journal the answer to these prompts:

  1. How do you know its hard/impossible? What are you seeing/hearing/telling yourself/drawing on to inform that belief?
  2. What would happen if you could?
  3. What would happen if you DID make that change?

By journaling around this you get clear about whats holding you back both mentally and practically, and that will inform your next steps on your epic journey. You’ll have the opportunity to share in the weekly coaching sessions and reach out to your coach or group if you want/need support before then too! Remember, you’ve got this… You have all the resources and ability you need to be successful, and time management is one step in that journey.