The As-If Pattern & Process

Are you ready for more? This technique will help you overcome any limiting belief and essentially unconsciously coach yourself through the barriers you’ve been seeing, so this is a fantastic process for helping you achieve a goal that has felt out of reach previously…. Are you ready to play? Here we go!

The 10min video above describes the process which is outlined for you in the reference picture below, or in the downloadable file above (as a pdf) if you prefer.

Before you start, set a goal (you can refer to one you set in the goalsetting session or take the time to create a new one now and come back to this when you are ready and have time). Next, rate your current confidence in achieving that goal using a scale of 1-10, where 10 is supremely confident. Where are you before we begin? Write it down.

This is a process you can walk yourself through in a relaxed state when you have 15 minutes or so to give your attention fully to it. When you share your limiting belief/concern/reason for your doubt, your mentor’s first question will be “and what would happen if you COULD?” and your job then is to imagine as-if you could – in fact to imagine, in an associated way (seeing through your eyes, hearing and feeling what it will be like WHEN you have successfully achieved your goal). You really associate into and ENJOY/sink into that fully.

Then, you check if you have any other limiting beliefs that are causing you doubt and you repeat the process. Your mentor’s response again is going to be “and, what would happen if you COULD resolve that too?” and “What would that look like, as you imagine THAT now?”. So your mentor does not accept or focus on the limiting beliefs as being a barrier, but rather has you explore what its like if actually, those limiting beliefs could be resolved, meaning you achieving your goal is inevitable. Your limiting beliefs are just that – they are limiting – they are NOT reality – they are fear-based and you have all the resources and resourcefulness you need to be a success – this process helps you tap into that awareness of your inner-awesome.

Once you’ve run the pattern for all limiting beliefs that arise, rate your newly developed confidence on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is supremely confident. This way you’ll notice how much more solid, confident and motivated you feel toward your goal – you can anchor that too!

Well done! You can even ask yourself ‘and what is one thing I can do now/next to make that number even higher (if it’s not 10 already). Do it! and/or block out time to do that tomorrow/ASAP in the coming week and weeks to keep that momentum rolling smoothly and powerfully!