Love & Relationship Needs – Including Feeling Loved

The structure of falling in love & how you can recover or enhance your relationship with that knowledge

You may well have heard of the 5 Love Languages (if you haven’t you may want to check out the links below. There is a quiz to identify your dominant love languages and you can ask your husband to do it as well and take a photo of or otherwise share each other’s results). Essentially, this is a type of metaprogram that you have around how you feel love and valued.

What’s powerful about this concept, is that you can become aware of how YOU can own and ask for what you need, by first building awareness, and then having a simple way to use this to get what you need from your partner. The link also offers a version for using this with your children, so you can adapt your communication approach, so they RECEIVE your love in a way that hits their radar and matters to them. In this way you can build awareness and a stronger sense of connection, love and appreciation in your close relationships. To find out more about love languages (optional, but a useful background to have before you watch the NLP process in the video below) Optional quiz to do, and ask your partner to do (or child if you have a child old enough to be aware of what is important to them, and have the patience to complete the wide range of ‘this or that’ questions.

Next, we’re going to talk about HOW you create your experience of feeling valued and loved (please read that again because many of us have had the experience of ‘falling in love’ before, and if that seems to happen without our trying, then it can also be easy to believe that we can ‘fall out of love’ too, AND that we cannot do anything about it if that happens). When we are no longer ‘feeling loved’ we can become a victim of our emotions and that’s not fun or empowering. So its good to know that this process can be used to help you feel more connected with your partner, or child, in a way that is appropriate and meaningful for them. The video below also talks about sure-fire ways to kill a relationship so you can shine that light on your relationship and identify changes you can make to enhance your relationships.

Happy viewing. The suggested action point from today’s lesson is to do the quiz OR to ask your partner to watch the video provided which is a simpler version of the 5 love languages.