Values Elicitation & Ranking

Your values are the factors by which you determine your success and satisfaction, so being aware of them is key to your epic success in life…

The word ‘values’ gets used a lot. When you hear it you might think of things like: hard working, responsible, honesty, integrity, resilience etc, and these are all values, but more broadly thinking, we’re talking about anything which YOU hold to be important.

So that may include things like: Family, friends, health, stability, safety, balance, autonomy… the list is virtually endless! Knowing what is important to you, i.e. knowing what you value, is integral to being able to make aligned decisions about how you spend your time, energy and thus… life!

So we’re going to start with getting clear on that now, and you can work on it more if you want or need to, as we progress through the program too. This lesson introduces an NLP process called ‘eliciting values’ which helps you get clear about what success is to you in a particular area of your life. You may choose to apply it to one of the spokes on your focus wheel that is crying out at you for attention – go with that!

You’ll have a chance to explore what is important to you in that area and rank those values too. I’ll walk you through the process in the video below.

Once you’ve watched this video you’ll be ready to run the process yourself, and its a REALLY FUN and powerful one, so are you ready?

First, go get some post-its ready if you have them, or get some A5 or smaller note paper and get ready to play with this until your list feels right to you! The powerpoints I refer to are below in PDF version and the 2 page exercise form/summary is there for you to use to rank your values and plan your action steps online if you don’t want to print and write.

As with many things, the power comes in the action that this new clarity and way of thinking enable, so have fun breaking your ideas down into simple steps you can take to align with your sense of self, and create an epically aligned life!