Trigger Awareness

First, a story and a challenge..

Today, my challenge to you is to bring awareness to the various triggers in your life. So, please watch the 4 minute intro video below, and then you get to brainstorm and submit your insights on the various anchors (triggers) in your life currently – both the positive, and the negative. Are you ready? Here we go!

Now its time for you to play. On a piece of paper or in your notebook/journal, create two columns. One is for the positive Triggers (anchors) you are aware of (these may include certain songs, smells, people, textures, sounds, words or tastes that for you are associated with past experiences and thus automatically trigger certain emotions). List all of the external stimuli (anchors/triggers) that for you instantly make you feel good because of some previous association.

On the other side of the page/column, list out the negative anchors that have been at play in your life. These may also include certain people, sounds, words, textures/feelings and so on. We’re not talking ‘pet peeves’, we’re talking something that instantly transports you to a past experience AND the emotions tied up with that. So, for example, perhaps you were in a bad relationship and that person loved a particular song. Maybe they cranked it really loud when you were arguing, or maybe it was playing when someone broke your heart… odds are high that every time you hear that song now, you instantly feel the same feelings of anger, fear, pain or heartache every time you hear it now.

As you bring your attention to negative states you’ve been involuntarily experiencing, if you trace back to what else what happening at that time, you may well come to realise that that particular event has been linked with a trigger/anchor which you weren’t aware of until now. Identifying that trigger is the first step in being able to reprogram that neural pathway. So, reach out and let me know what triggers you find, and we can work together to help you unlink that stimulus so it no longer holds you to ransom!