Goal-Setting Essentials

Did you know that 90% of people who even know enough and care enough to set long-term goals do NOT achieve them?

The good news is that the work of Richard Wiseman over several decades and from studying more than 5000 people in a longitudinal study has unpacked the art of goal-setting for us, and that using his insights we can learn specifically what those top 10% of people who DO achieve their goals do differently that leads to their success. Suffice to say, it goes well beyond the well-known process of setting so-called ‘SMART’ goals, and also explores mindset and practicalities as well as how to leverage the untapped power of your unconscious mind.

Yep, its pretty sexy, powerful stuff and we’re going to have a play with it here, so you can look at how you can use this in your own epic transformation.

In today’s session we are going to explore how to set goals that actually do light you up and pull you towards success. Goals that are crystal clear, shiny, bright and fabulous; and the strategies and mindset tools to help you achieve them.

Its 100% OK if you don’t yet have a goal in mind, you’re learning the process and with practice, this gets easier and easier, the more you give your attention and intention to it. Take a look at the video below which walks you through some of the things you have not yet learned about goals and how to set goals that drive you towards your own epic success.

OK, so from watching the video, what goal/s came to mind for you?

If you’re not sure yet, start by brainstorming and/or journaling and refer to your focus wheel to find 1 key area, then chunk down into a goal that would move your focus wheel marker towards the edge/rim, where you want it to be. Let’s say that your life is out of balance (hypothetically) and you aren’t spending time on YOU and YOUR PASSIONS, and you’d like to either reconnect with a hobby you’ve enjoyed in the past, or try something new… What’s the first step to making that a new daily/regular/weekly habit? And what do you want to achieve by doing that?

For example, maybe you used to enjoy running. Your goal might be to get back to running 5km without stopping and the first sub-goal/step might be to talk to you family/partner about when you want to fit that in. Perhaps you’ll join harriers/a running group, or hit up a friend to be your running buddy. Maybe your goal is a marathon or half-marathon. Any of these are good, so what feels right to you?

Maybe you want to develop deeper friendships because they’ve been on the back burner for a while. Who comes to mind? Or what do you want to do? Is the who or the what most important to get started? Start there. Feel free to share in the facebook group or bounce your ideas with your coach/group. You’ve got this. Have it as a working document like your focus wheel and put it in a prominent place in your journal. Remember to bring your journal along to the weekly coaching calls. Think BIG first, THEN focus on logistics on how you CAN make that work, and what else you are going to adjust to set yourself up for success. PLAY! Problem-solve and put it into practice. Chipping away at these goals even just a few minutes a day will make all the difference in your world!