Welcome! Get Started on Your Path to Epic!

A quick intro video so you can start getting clear on what to expect during your epic journey of discovery & general awesomeness!


This is your personal welcome and a chance to set your expectations for the next 15-20 weeks and beyond. First, I’m going to share some of the awesomeness ahead of you and give you some tips to make the most of your epic investment. So, grab a coffee or drink of your choice and get ready. There’s a fair bit of writing needed to explain THIS LEVEL OF EPIC! CooL? OK! Here we gooooo!…….

Welcome! I’m so excited to work with you! Here’s the basic outline for the Epic Queens Program.

Program Structure: There will essentially be 2-3 content lessons each week with the remaining days used as implementation days/doing days, when you focus on putting what you’re learning into practical use. This program is about supporting you, and the weekly coaching/check in/Q&A sessions are a powerful forum for that. I will adjust the content based on your feedback, so don’t be shy about keeping your coach up to date with where you’re at!

Journaling: I strongly recommend you keep a journal – to record your insights and progress. This is useful to process your thoughts, keep track of questions and insights from that session’s content each day – and yes, you may prefer to do this via a google doc in which you can type rather than write, and that’s totally OK too. Note that your journal is for you, and its handy to bring it along to each of the 10 one-to-one coaching/change sessions we have, for your reference as we discuss and work through your epic evolution journey.

Your role as a participant: The learning experience you have will be facilitated by you sharing your thoughts, progress and questions as you make your way through the modules. Discussing your experience and thoughts and ideas helps you process the new concepts and tools, often serves to focus and uplift you, and builds powerful awareness and connection.

For questions or discussions that you wish to keep between you and your coach, your coach will let you know her preferred way to be contacted, and if it requires additional sessions/payment that sit outside of this program, she will let you know so you can decide what is right for you. Otherwise, you may want to share some questions or insights in the Epic Evolution E-Village on Facebook. This is a closed group, and full of other like minded women, many of which have been through the journey you’re on. OK, are you ready? Let’s begin!

First, a story! Often modules will have an intro story (and often a closing clip to finish the story off). The stories are often metaphorical and serve to engage your unconscious mind to take from them what you need, and so each person experiences each story a little differently. By engaging your mind powerfully, they create memory hooks that help you retain the info that follows, and by closing the story at the end, we turn this into a tidy ‘memory package’ that helps you access the useful ideas and techniques included in it, and ‘make sense of’ what you’re learning more easily.

With that said, the stories are optional, so if you’re low on time, you can skip them. Where I can, I will record them separately for that purpose and will either record them without video, or mention no video/visual is needed, so you can listen along as you drive, cook, work or whatever you may be up to. This one is audio only, so you can listen to it as you drive, cook or do other tasks, if need be. Enjoy!

To begin your journey, you may choose to download the ‘Love your Life Starter Kit’ which gives you a preview of several of the sessions to come, or simply click complete and move on to the next module. See you there!