Skills for Staying Positive

The power of positive thinking

When we think, our brain makes neural connections that link the relevant concepts and experiences together. The more often we think something, the stronger that particular neural network becomes, making it easier and easier to access, until the thought becomes coded unconsciously. Thats fantastic if we are thinking useful, valid things, but the problem is that our unconscious minds have NO FILTER.

Our unconscious minds BELIEVE everything we tell ourselves and research tells us that approximately 80% of those thoughts are negative/critical and even more depressingly (if you excuse the pun) about 95% of those thoughts are on an automated loop – they’re ones we tell ourself day in and day out. These are the thoughts we are indoctrinating ourselves with. These thoughts are programming who you believe yourself to be, what you think you are (and are not) capable of, and thus, creating the life you are experiencing. That means that the sooner you learn how to re-program your thinking so its aligned with the life you want and deserve, the sooner you can create your own new and improved epic life!

It’s also really important to understand that our unconscious mind cannot process ‘negative commands’ without at least first forming the idea in the affirmative. So, for example if we say “I don’t want to fail” our brains make a picture of us failing and does what it can to code this in the ‘don’t want’ file, but what it really receives clearly is the image of failing. It’s hard to make a picture of ‘not failing’ isn’t it? In contrast to this, if we instead say “I am succeeding” our brain will take that message on board far more easily and powerfully and seek to assist us in doing this.

So always, always when you are talking to yourself, setting goals and working on self-concept keep your thinking about what you DO want, in the positive. There is more to it than this, so check out the video below to learn more, and as you do consider what thoughts you’ve been noticing in your journaling and any still lingering limiting beliefs and thoughts that may still be lingering! Changing these may be something you want to do in an NLP Epic Change session with your coach!

As a fun activity, try this fun ‘magic dongle’ activity (to be honest, it will work with a necklace too, but its important that you know it works with something evenly weighted so your consicous mind also believes that its not a ‘weighting thing’ that makes this work – its YOU and your thinking that does that. How awesome are you?! Have fun! You can do this with kids too, so long as they are old enough to have the hand eye coordination and motor control to hold it steady and attention span to focus for a few minutes intensely. Let me know how you get on and who you share it with! Its something I use in a lot of my trainings or coaching sessions.