What if You Could See Yourself the Way Others Do?

I’ve often wished the many wonderful women I get to work with could see themselves the way I do and the way their loved ones do. To see yourself through the lens of someone who truly sees and values you is such a blessing, and thats why I’m excited to share this activity with you.

The Johari Window: The johari window helps you see through ‘you’ through other people’s eyes, and matches that with your own current self-view. In doing so, you gain a far more balanced and complete understanding of your strengths and self.

For many, this may well be the first time you’ve really stopped to consider the attributes and words that best describe you. Many find it unnerving at first and uncertain where to begin. What you need is a second opinion, and a 3rd, and 4th and so on to really get the ‘full picture’! Thats because different people will see you differently. Therefore, I encourage you to ask a wide selection of chosen friends/family to write a few words/attributes that they think epitomise you. If you don’t want their feedback, don’t ask, but do consider asking both work AND personal friends/family to get a good sample.

I get that people are busy, so its good this takes just a couple of minutes to do and it’s OK if it takes a week or so to get all the responses back. You can look at it any time (it’ll keep changing as more and more people submit their answers via the website) & we’ll re-visit the resulting Johari window in the next fortnight at our next scheduled catchup.


  1. To prepare and get started, use the johari window URL http://kevan.org/johari
  2. From this page, follow the instructions & select your own list of 6 attributes that best define you
  3. Next, choose a unique name that will serve as your own personal johari window URL. eg if you chose the name Jaki1234 your new URL would be generated as http://kevan.org/johari/Jaki1234
  4. Send this new unique URL to a carefully selected wide range of family/friends with a brief email asking them to select the 6 traits/words that they feel best describe you (template provided for you to copy and paste if you prefer).
  5. In 2 weeks or less it should be ready and you can use the URL with your unique name to check the results & bring that to your next session with your coach to talk through.

Note that respondents can submit their responses anonymously if they like, you may want to mention that in your cover email.

Whats the point? The idea is that you will get a much more illuminating idea of how others see you, and probably of traits you hadn’t considered you have. Often, we have blind spots or blinkers that stop us seeing ourselves fully and completely – i.e. our strengths, the things that make us stand out; and this process helps reduce those. As your feedback comes in from those that you ask, the traits and window will grow & change, giving your invaluable feedback that will help you minimise your ‘blind spots’. In other words, you’ll be able to see what traits overlap, and what is different about how others see you, vs. how you see yourself.

It’s fascinating, and reviewing the feedback/results boosts you on the process you’re already in, of adjusting your self-concept so it’s more positive, valid, powerful and complete.

Feel free to check that out using the link below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask your coach. https://kevan.org.johari.

Template text for emailing the unique Johari window link to your respondents (use or craft your own). You can do this as a bulk email (BCC everyone) or send individually. Make sure to add in the unique URL you created in step 3 to the email before you press send!

Subject: I need 6 words and 2 minutes of your time please…


I am currently on a leadership development program and as part of this I am asking for feedback from those who know me on what words best describe me, in your experience and opinion.  

This takes just a few clicks and two minutes to complete, and I would sincerely value your feedback.  You can respond anonymously or otherwise by simply going to the following website and clicking on 6 traits you feel best describe me.

Click here to do this: ____________________________________________________

Your help with this is much appreciated. I will be looking at the collated results in 2 weeks time so thanks for taking the time. Have a great day!