Gaining a New Perspective: The Map is NOT the Territory

Did you know that we all navigate life based on unique ‘maps’ in our minds that tell us what to expect, how things are and should be. These maps are shaped over our lifetime, sometimes consciously but more often unconsciously and automatically, which means that our maps are far from perfect. One of the core goals of NLP is to provide you with more choices in how you navigate your world, by adding, auditing, updating and editing our maps so they help us see the world clearly and helpfully. That might sound like gibberish now, but watch the videos and read on, and your view of this will get clearer and clearer, and then you can decide what adjustments you may opt to make to your map/view of the world.

The first video is a short (4 minute) real life story to explain and introduce one of the fundamental underlying beliefs of NLP.

The next video below explores this concept in more depth. This is really important for you in understanding some of the key underlying principles behind NLP and the powerful mindsets you can create to craft your epic life. ENJOY!