Accessing a state of confidence when you need it

Many people have ‘conditioned responses’ to certain situations, places, people or events that they did NOT try to install/create. These situations, places, people, events or other external stimuli have become triggers (or ‘anchors’) that automatically send us into an unwanted emotional and thus physical response. That happens because your brain works by making automatic and mostly unconscious associations between past situations that have been coded as scary/bad/dangerous, and our amygdala then links that anchor/trigger with the result/experience that created in us, so we remember/learn and therefore can stay away from that ‘bad thing’ in the future.

So for example, perhaps we’ve presented a speech (even just answering a question from a teacher when we were young might count), and had a ‘bad response’ from the class or teacher (maybe they laughed, were unresponsive or gave us negative feedback) and so our brains may have learned (coded) that event as traumatic, therefore leading to a lasting fear of public speaking.

What’s even more incredible is that sometimes we develop this response simply from IMAGINING what could happen to us based on seeing it happen to others! Our brains work hard to keep us safe, and our unconscious mind believes everything we tell it. This seems really unhelpful. And it is when we code things in a less than useful way and take a negative meaning from it, resulting in a negative experience. This is done through an almost instantaneous, automatic ‘delete, distort, and generalise’ process to keep us safe. Its up to us as adults to re-program the triggers that are not useful or keeping us safe. Here’s the thing though, while the examples above are NEGATIVE applications of this mindset skill, we can use the same NATURAL process to program our brains for positive experiences too! How awesome is THAT?

Would you like to be able to program your mind to feel confident and able, even in situations that in the past have left you feeling worried or unsure? What if I told you that you already know how to do that, and that means you can learn how to link that skill to a trigger that you choose and can control?!! Sounds epic, right?

Its called setting a resource anchor and its one of the simplest and most powerful tools you’ll discover, with so many applications and variations you can use this technique for. Watch the video below and download the 1 page instructions to use to apply this to other states you’d like to be able to access… perhaps relaxed? Maybe in the zone? Maybe powerful or in control? You can define resource anchors for those, following the same process a we’ll use to help you set up your own confidence anchor. Use the button to access the process for your own use online, or you may prefer to just view the image underneath (they’re the same).