Let’s Get Epically Clear

In this lesson you get the chance to map out what epic looks like FOR YOU. Because my version of ‘epic’ and what lights me up and leaves me feeling fulfilled and aligned is likely to differ significantly to your own map of that territory. And because its important to be clear about what YOUR EPIC looks, sounds and feels like, so you can recognise and enjoy it as you start to live it more and more.

  • We’re NOT going to worry about how.
  • We’re not going to put time frames on when it will be achieved by.
  • We’re going to just DREAM!
  • We will do work later on what parts of this we want to act on. There will be plenty of time for practical. For now, just put your epic hat on and go WILD! What do you REALLY want? What is success to you? This will be a work in progress from now on, for at least the duration of the challenge. This is my first draft. Feel into what feels good as you expand the branches on your map or add detail to your picture/vision board. Notice where your heart takes you. Think of what brings you joy and add more. ENJOY! Keep it somewhere you can look at it and add to it daily when new ideas pop up.

OK, so like any journey where the destination is important, knowing where you want to go is key to your success! So, what does EPIC look like for you? For the purposes of this exercise we are going to suspend reality and think BIG!

Here is the link to the blank mind map creator that I used to create my own. I’ve now printed it and I will likely add to it in pen as new epic ideas emerge. https://app.mindmup.com/map/new/1622791299725

You can use this free tool to create your own mind map starting with the link below to help you explore the areas of your life you’d like to change (and yes, pen and paper is just as good if you prefer that over a computer version too)

Pen and paper, cut out images and photos all totally work too – choose YOUR way and PLAY! Later on you’ll share this with significant others and kids, for now, I suggest do this with your needs and heart leading only.

Here’s one I did as an example to spark some ideas, however you choose to create yours…