Tracking Your Epic Progress

(Chunking) and keeping momentum

You guessed it, its time to take a trip down memory lane and re-view where you started from and all the different ways in which you are changing and making changes to your own life, thinking and sense of self. Before we go there though, let’s have a quick story that might serve to get your mindset poised for your evolving epicness!

As you can see from this story, often it takes imagining something is possible before we put into action the kind of thinking, planning and action it takes to realise our dreams. Once started, this process needs to keep repeating to feed itself. It is by seeing our progress as we go that we stay motivated and keep momentum. This involves the art of chunking down to detail from our big picture vision, and then looking at how that relates to our focus wheel snapshot of when you first started, 4 weeks or so ago.