Doing Day

If you have a plan for your doing day today, have at it! You don’t need to review these ideas, but if you want to try something else, here are some ideas for you to consider…

Journal – hit me up if you want some journal prompts to get your thoughts flowing. There are all sorts of types of journaling, including gratitude journaling and journaling to work through issues/process jumbled thoughts & emotions you may be experiencing right now. Unpacking some of the flawed or negative thinking patterns that are leaving you feeling low heavy/weighed down or not good enough can be a great way to get clear about why you’re feeling the way you have been. And understanding the problem is the first step to resolving it, so this is time well-spent. You can for example work on understanding the MEANING you’re giving each event, action or inaction. For example, if you find yourself thinking ‘I didnt achieve anything today’ and thats making you feel bad, what MEANING have you given that assessment? ie ‘I didn’t achieve anything today SO that means X about me/my life’. Find X and then challenge it with WHY!? And HOW do I KNOW THAT? (In other words, what makes me believe that?)

Exercise – preferably in nature, preferably in a way that doesnt allow you to ‘get up in your head’ (you know conduct post-mortems on your day, situation, identity and purpose!) is ideal. That may mean bringing intensity (e.g. lifting, sprinting or HIIT workouts), or it may mean bringing a friend along, or doing something that takes a lot of concentration

Progress – Review your focus wheel and dedicate some time and energy (I suggest 5-30 mins) to making an improvement to one area of your life from your focus wheel (your chunked down goals/focus wheel planner will help with this). Having trouble with setting goals? Make an adjustment: Complete the goal setting module next if that feels right to you, then go back to the lessons in the order outlined.

DANCE or stretch – Get a sweat going and feel the beat with some ‘dance like no one is watching’ moves! OR you may opt for gentle flowing or rhythmic movement – like tai chi, yoga, pilates. If the latter, put music or soundwaves on that you find calming and rejuvenating. I find Jazz or music you don’t normally listen to can be great for this.

Create a ‘wins’ diary that you write in daily (or just add this concept to your daily journaling). The point of this is to bring your attention to the changes you’re making and how they are changing how you feel and what you think as well as the results you may already have started to enjoy. YES: It’s, you are a complex, beautiful work in progress and so of course there is room for improvement, and that’s perfect. This activity focuses you on how far you’ve come; on the gains and wins you’re creating with small changes and consistent effort.

UNPLUG & PLAY – Research is consistently showing the link between mindless screen time and depression. So, consider giving social media a break or imposing a time limit or auditing the people on your FB feed. Next, add something to your day/life that brings you joy AND challenges you. Set yourself a doable target that will challenge you. Then show up for yourself by doing it regularly, even if it isn’t always bringing you joy just yet.

If you’re struggling with ideas, brainstorm anything that comes up when you think of the concept of ‘joy’ and share that with your coach, or post on the My Epic Evolution E-village FB page and get ideas from other women who have been there too and see what worked for them! Together we are stronger, and more IS possible.

VALUES-ALIGNMENT – Do (or refer to) your mind-map of the things that are important to you (your values). For each, on a separate post it answer the question ‘what is an example of this?’ Repeat as many times as you need to in order to capture all of your ideas. Add one or more to your daily habits so you start to integrate these important small values to shape your life.

e.g. you may identify a value of ‘novelty’ or ‘adventure’. So, what are some examples of those. Brainstorm these onto post-its.

e.g. For those 2 values you may come up with: researching/exploring a new hobby, getting crafty or creative (painting, drawing, sculpting, designing), going on a road trip, creating a scavenger hunt or amazing race for your friends/family and self, reading a new author/genre, trying a new sport, asking a friend about their hobbies, planning a new kind of date night or girls night out. The list could go on, so pick one that feels right for you right now, and start!

If you notice any internal resistance that comes up for a specific way of living in alignment with that value, ask yourself a) what would need to change for me to be ready to try that now? and b) in what way could I let go or release the fear that I’ve been letting stop me actually? So, following the example above, I may decide I want to try rock-climbing, but I feel way outside my comfort zone and I don’t have any equipment or know how, so maybe I could shoulder tap a friend who has done it before and get them to come along or give me some tips/lend me some gear to get started with a rock-climbing club.