Doing Day: Creating Epic in Daily Practice

Today is less about learning, and more about DOING! Because as fascinating as the discovery is, the reward and realisation comes in making small and consistent changes to your thinking/habits and actions.

Your focus today is on YOU. More specifically, it’s on practicing what you’ve discovered in your daily life, putting yourself first and seeing what you notice as you make changes to your daily habits. Small changes, consistently will help you transform your life in almost magical ways, so commit to doing this now and stick with it, and its you that will reap the rewards.

You may choose to use this time to develop a morning routine or you may prefer to fit in some focused practice of something you’ve learned from the program during your day, or as a reflection at the end of the day.

Change it up, try using this time you’ve set aside at different times of the day until you find the best way and time for you.

As an example, a morning practice/routine can be a great way to set you up for the day and it may include a meditation, journaling (which you can do online or on paper), fitting in some exercise, dance or walking in nature, stretching or time relaxing with your pets or with your Self!

Of course actively practicing some of the techniques at any time is encouraged, so by all means use the time putting what you learn into practice, and over time you’ll find yourself starting to use the tools an techniques almost unconsciously… even then, still keep up the 20-30 minutes of ‘you time’; its invaluable.

Please note: You can journal here, and this will be for you only, and will only be viewed by your coach if you ask them. So, if you have feedback for your coach please share it via FB messenger as your journals will not be read in real time as they are submitted.

Keeping notes & journaling (on paper or online) is a great practice; it will help you track your journey, findings and progress and ensure you keep track of Q & A’s so you make the most of your Epic investment.