2.1: Your Life Right Now

Every journey has a starting point. If you were to take a snapshot of your life to this point, what are the highlights? What are you proud of? Known for? What words would you use to describe you and your accomplishments and values to this point?

I’ve included mine as an example, just to get you started and NO, it doesnt have to look anything like my one. Jotting this down on paper is A OK! You get points for thought resulting in action, not for flashiness!

Message me via the fb group with any questions you have, as you create your own ‘my life right now/until now’ summaries. Also know that this is something you can work on in the coming weeks if you feel the need and if YOU DECIDE that the 30 minutes allotted doesn’t do you justice. If that’s the case for you simply create a rough draft to talk through highlights & insights at this week’s group coaching and build in detail and flair over the coming weeks.

At the bottom of the page is an example of some of the key points I’d highlight in the timeline of my life.

I used Canva, BUT simply jotted down on paper is 100% perfect too, or you can cut up pictures and do this is a project with your kids or partner or whatever way feels right, fun and helpful to you.

Note the goal is to include things that define you – events, attributes and accomplishments – all of it. Also note: its just as snapshot of you to this point.

Your best is yet to come! AND… look how awesome you are already!

Sources/Inspiration: It’s a great idea to include what your friends/family have to say about you, your achievements, your strengths and what they admire about you – they often see our best bits clearer than we do ourselves, and its good to acknowledge that. So my challenge to you is ASK THEM those questions! Ask them for example what they would say if they were introducing you to a new group to give them a sense of who you are… e.g. How would they describe you and your strengths, and what they like or admire about you?

One of the greatest gifts in life is to be able to see ourselves without our self-judgmental filters or limiting beliefs restricting our view of our unique awesomeness.

I get that asking may feel challenging, and that in and of itself makes it even more worth doing! What limiting belief is underlying your resistance to asking for this kind of feedback? (That’s worth journaling, BTW). AND what will happen if you do ask? There’s only one way to know for sure, so its time to PLAY! Try it! Put yourself out there and see what you get back.

Remember: The quality of answers we get in life is dependent on the quality of the questions we ask…. (And the diversity of people we choose to reach out to)… So reach out to a wide sample of people whose opinions matter to you – friends, whanau, selected acquaintances or work colleagues, children, partners, peers… Aim for 10-20 because not all will respond and because we want to get a well rounded view.