1.1: Welcome! Get Started on Your Path to Epic!

A quick intro video so you can start getting clear on what to expect during your epic journey of discovery & general awesomeness!


This is your personal welcome and a chance to set your expectations for the next 10 weeks and beyond. First, I’m going to share some of the awesomeness ahead of you and give you some tips to make the most of your epic investment. So, grab a coffee or drink of your choice and get ready. There’s a fair bit of writing needed to explain THIS LEVEL OF EPIC! CooL? OK! Here we gooooo!…….

Welcome! I’m so excited to work with you! Here’s the basic outline for the Epic Queens Program.

Program Structure: There will essentially be 3-4 content lessons each week with the remaining days used as implementation days/doing days, when you focus on putting what you’re learning into practical use. This program is about supporting you, and the weekly coaching/check in/Q&A sessions are a powerful forum for that. I will adjust the content based on your feedback, so don’t be shy about keeping your coach up to date with where you’re at!

Journaling: I strongly recommend you keep a journal – both to keep track of where you’re up to (especially if you choose to do some in a different order, because that’s what you need to do at the time) and to record your insights and progress. You’ll see a link to a google form journal template which you can make a copy of and save to your google drive. This is useful to record your thoughts, questions and insights from that session’s content each day -and yes, you may prefer to stick to pen and paper and that’s totally OK too.

Your role as a participant: Your learning experience will be facilitated by you sharing your work not only with me, but also at times with the other Epic Queens too, as relevant. When you do, you’ll spark ideas in them, and their responses will at times also focus and uplift you, or create a sense of empathy, awareness and connection, and that is powerful in itself.

For questions or discussions you wish to keep between you and your coach, your coach will let you know her preferred way to be contacted, and if it requires additional sessions/payment that sit outside of this program, she will let you know so you can decide what is right for you. OK, are you ready? Let’s begin!

The Johari Window: For tomorrow’s exercise you’ll want to be clear about the attributes and words that best describe you – to do that, I encourage you to ask selected friends/family to write a few words/attributes that they think epitomise you. It’s OK if it takes a week or so to get all the responses, you can look at it any time & we’ll re-visit it next week in our weekly coaching call.

To prepare and get started, use the johari window URL below to first select your own list of 6 attributes that best define you, and choose a unique name that will serve as your own personal johari window URL. As your feedback comes in from the others you ask, the traits and window will change, giving your invaluable feedback that will help you minimise your ‘blindspots’. In other words, you’ll be able to see what traits overlap, and what is different about how others see you, vs how you see yourself.

You can use the johari window tool to do this for free. Feel free to check that out using the link below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask your coach. https://kevan.org/johari?