2.5 Beliefs Changing!

Get clear on YOUR beliefs and learn how you can let go of unhelpful ones!

Your Beliefs drive everything you experience and do, and so checking that your current beliefs are still valid today, AND that they are aligned and serving you, is absolutely vital. While foundational, your beliefs are also changeable, and they need to be audited and kept up-to-date because what we ‘know’, (believe) and stand for changes, so that our perceptions, beliefs and actions are in alignment… So, are you ready to do a beliefs audit and PLAY? Watch all 3 videos before you actually do the exercise yourself, so you have a solid sense of what you want to change, AND how you can do that smoothly and easily.

There are several short videos to support you in this beliefs-changing exercise! Start with the 3rd video below and work your way up! One video (the beliefs-outcomes cycle) helps you discover how your beliefs are shaping your life. The second one explains sub-modalities so you can adjust these when uninstalling or reinstalling beliefs that you choose. The other video (below) walks you through an exercise you can use to adjust any limiting, false or redundant beliefs, and replace them with some beliefs that serve you and the epic life you are now creating – use that, pausing as you need to when you’re ready to go through the process. Some people like to watch it first, think about it and then go back and actually follow along, doing it. Its up to you! Have fun, and let me know what your experience is like as you play with these ideas and beliefs!

This video is the step by step process for releasing unhelpful beliefs. Watch it only once you’ve watched the other 2 videos and done the prep work.
Sub-modalities – it’s HOW we think about a belief that makes it (more or less) powerful. So you can change HOW you think as well as WHAT you think, to effect powerful, aligned change in you.

Start here: This video introduces the beliefs-outcomes cycle and broadly outlines the process you’re going to use to release or transform any old, outdated and unhelpful beliefs that have been weighing you down.

This exercise is about releasing negative or limiting beliefs, and as part of that you MAY want to install a more helpful belief in place of the old one too. So, once you’ve identified the 5-6 beliefs you want to change, take some time to come up with a more helpful, valid and positive belief.

For example, your old belief may have been that you didn’t have time for you/your happiness/your goals or purpose. Upon reflection you may realise that this simply ‘hadn’t been a priority to you until now’ so you may choose to change your new belief to ‘I am prioritising x in my life each day’. X being ‘happiness, or a specific activity that gives you happiness.

Use the blank/green template below to record your old beliefs that were not serving your epic you/life (perhaps beliefs that you took on from other people’s judgments, feedback or example), with the new beliefs you’re choosing to install now (when you go ahead and do the exercise).

Share the completed old and new beliefs template with your coach before you do the Beliefs Changing process to check they are ideal before you make those changes, and if you feel comfortable, share them on the FB page with your epic crew! We’re 100% behind you and you’ll inspire others to change their beliefs and thinking when you do this too! Go you good thing!

Prep for tomorrow: Your Life right now – In preparation for your challenge tomorrow, please ask 3-6 people what they’d say about you if they were introducing you to an audience. How would they talk you up? What would they say to help those people who don’t know you, understand your awesomeness, what you stand for, your accomplishments and WHO you are? This is a good one to ask friends, parents and your kids – try to get a variety of people and jot down a few bullet points of their answer. If you need more time to do this, complete the ‘your life right now’ exercise later in the week – that’s cool too.