1.2: Your Focus Wheel of Life

Consider this tool a snapshot of your life right now; a starting point, a launch pad for your new and epic life, if you will…

Seriously though, you’ve done the hard part! You’ve decided that enough is enough… or rather that enough is NOT enough! That you want MORE! And babe, you are speaking my language!

Life has so much to offer. YOU have so much to offer! Its time to connect those things once and for all.. leading to a truly EPIC experience! And it all starts with the Focus Wheel of Life. This is the tool we use to take a snapshot of your life as it currently is, to identify the areas in which you want MORE and the areas that you want LESS of too!

Its how we compartmentalise enough to avoid overwhelm and start creating epic change one simple step at a time. But enough talk, the power is in the application, so lets do this!

Journaling is a great tool to help you work THROUGH the STUFF that comes up on your epic evolution journey. Yep, using really technical words here: ‘stuff’ lol. But that ‘stuff’ can feel big and negative, overwhelming or difficult; and all you want to do sometimes is ignore it and WILL it away…

Sometimes though, it needs to be worked through before you can release it. Sometimes what you really want and need first, is to ‘make sense’ of it, and that’s where journaling can be so powerful. So honour those feelings and musings; giving voice to your thoughts, feelings and inner dialogue can help you get clear on what’s going on FOR you, (even the hard stuff is happening for you, not just to you) and may bring awareness what you need to do to release it, once processed. You can journal on paper, in your own online document using google docs or the like. You choose what works best for you, and if you want to talk through things that come up for you or get specific feedback on your processing/journaling, the perfect time to raise that is in your weekly coaching sessions! Otherwise, please check with your coach about the best way to contact them for anything urgent outside of scheduled sessions.