NLP Practitioner Certification (IANLP)

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Outcomes (personally & professionally) with NLP

Complete your (IANLP accredited) NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training with Jaki GT of My Epic Evolution Ltd


Have you already done Keys to Success before (with us or another IANLP Trainer?)? 

It’s not too late to complete your NLP Practitioner Certification this year with us!

Contact us today or use the yellow button to secure your seat fast! We start the next 3day block on 14th June 2024, and, you guessed it… It’s going to be epic!

There’s also plenty more information below to help answer any questions you may have. It’s great to have options.

NLP – Tools to Help You Create Success in Your Life from the Inside-Out.

The NLP tools & mindset you’ll discover will help you tap into your full potential, transforming the way you think & communicate, and enhancing how you feel about yourself and how you engage with others. All of this translates into new possibilities & opportunities for you both personally and professionally.

Dates for 2024 are below, with further detail on each block/course lower down the page. Reach out if you have questions!

Your choices and the investment

Your journey starts with this 2-day program

This is a standalone program, which you can follow up with parts 2 & 3 to get half way there to your NLP Practitioner Certification, or not. The investment for your 9am-5pm program (both days) is $600 plus GST per person. Join our epic community on Facebook ( to be in on new dates and special offers to get an even better rate!

When less can be more...

This program has the pre-requisite of having completed Epic Keys to Success in the last year. If, after successfully completing that you know you want more, but the whole NLP Practitioners certification is not for you right now, you can add on this amazing, transformational 3 day program called Epic Change & Release. The investment for your 9am-5pm program (3 consecutive days) is $900 plus GST per person. See details on what you get and what to expect further down the page!

But wait, there's more!

You may opt to go on and complete blocks 2 and 3 to get your Epic Success Foundations Certificate, totaling 9 days of training across 3 months, and all requiring only 4-5 days off work too!  This 9 days (including Epic Keys to Success) is valued at $2050+GST. Stop here or go on to do more…

But wait, there's more!

You may opt to do this part of your practitioners the following year, taking advantage of our preparatory refresher info online. In this 9 days (including the Epic Change and Release program) you’ll take your understanding and practice of NLP to a whole new, deeper and more powerful level. The investment for the second part of the program is $2050+GST. And yes, its cheaper if you do pay up front and do them in the same year, that brings your investment in your NLP Certification to just $3750+GST!

What do you want to change?

Life these days is stress-full, and so personally and professionally we need more and better tools and strategies to help us not just cope, but truly thrive – and ideally being able to lift others around us too. And NLP offers just such tools. Tools to help you adjust some of your own thinking and habits, transform your communication and confidence and tools that you can use as a manager, leader, consultant or therapist too to help them effect positive change in their thinking, behaviours and communication.  

Stress today is so pervasive, that we don’t know quite what to do about it. So, many of us find themselves stuck in a holding pattern, just coping, hoping that at some point it will leave, or at least shrink to a size where it doesn’t control so much of what we do, the choices we make, and the way we feel and act. And it creates a lot of mess, cost and hassle, because it can seem that nothing we do makes much difference.

And at the same time, ‘we’, as a species, know more today than ever before about how our brain works and can work. More about how to overcome life’s obstacles, and tap into the full potential of our minds. We just need to learn how to access and use that untapped potential. Enter: NLP.  With NLP we can uncover the keys to our success. Discover simple steps you can take to find yourself doing life better and with more ease, as we take control of our limiting beliefs, thinking, habits, and ultimately create excellence.

NLP offers you a chance to re-write the script of the saga that is your life, by helping you modify and re-wire your ‘map of the world’ that creates your experience and drives your behaviours & results.

When we discover how to change the way we look at things, we see things differently.

When we adjust our inner voice and take control of the story that we tell ourselves, we transform our emotions and are able to access more resourceful states.

When we can reprogram our inner dialogue and align our values, beliefs and actions, we get new & improved results – results we’ve never been able to achieve before. Perhaps even results you didn’t really think possible.

NLP encompasses in the study and practices of success and happiness. Specifically, from studying dozens of incredible change-agent-leaders in their field (including hypnotherapists, family counselors, psychologists, linguists, cognitive behavioural therapists, coaches, behaviouralists etc) we can identify what it is that helps us create positive change in ourselves and with others. We can learn not just WHAT makes a difference, but HOW we do it, too.

The possibilities for applying NLP to enrich and enhance your daily life are endless; from finding ways to tame your inner critic and program a positive inner voice to feel empowered to chase your dreams, to finding new, more effective ways of communicating and getting your needs met; to releasing old emotional baggage that keeps rearing its ugly head at inopportune times. And imagine being able to rewire your mind for ‘can-do’, whenever you need that epic feeling of empowerment?

In a world where there is much ‘outside of ourselves’ that we can’t immediately impact, why not take the chance to develop the skills and mindset to be the change you want to see in your world. Register online or contact us today to find out more.

Key Benefits: 

  • Build greater confidence and clarity. Rewire your mind so you can access a state of motivation or calm, at will!
  • Define & align goals using a process that sets you up for success!
  • Discover how to finally release old, limiting beliefs, trauma and negative thought patterns, to step into your power and enjoy greater ease and well-being.
  • Learn how to adjust the unconscious filters & patterns that are keeping you feeling stressed, worried and second-guessing yourself.
  • Masterful communication: Develop powerful influence and rapport skills to bring to your relationships. Learn how to speak so you are really heard, and discover how to get people ‘on board’ without having to rely on begging, compromise or nagging! 
  • Tap into the power of your unconscious mind and enjoy taking control of your thinking and results. 
  • Re-program unhelpful habits & self-sabotage to boost your productivity epically & realise your full potential.

Why Choose to Do Your NLP Practitioner Training with My Epic Evolution?

This accredited NLP Practitioner training meets the international standards endorsed by the IANLP. 


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our training covers a wide range of techniques and applications, including language patterns, anchoring, timeline therapy, and more.
  • The personal touch and local flavour: Your trainer Jaki GT has spent many years loving, learning and living NLP, not only personally, but in her practice as a coach and consultant, in Whangarei and Auckland.  Be warned: Her passion for NLP is uplifting and contagious! She is committed to providing the knowledge, support, and mentorship you need to succeed in attaining your new qualification.
  • My Epic Evolution’s training design emphasises application – we keep real, with plenty of chance to play with the ideas and techniques, practicing what you learn to build confidence, so you get the best possible return on your investment.
  • And, as important as that is, we believe it’s not just the outcome that’s important, it’s about the journey too.  If you’ve ever thought change takes ages and is hard, I have good news. We make epic, transformational training fun, using stories, metaphor, humour, live demonstrations, video & games, and offering you plenty of time to practice and get answers to your questions. All of this makes your learning experience with My Epic Evolution like nothing you’ve experienced before
  • Effective and efficient!  By breaking the program into 2-4 day blocks (rather than long blocks of a week or more of training) you avoid overwhelm, enabling better retention and more chance to practice and build confidence as you go. Moreover, by utilising weekends you will likely be able to complete the requisite 18 days of training with as little as 7 days off work, and that spread across several months! 
  • The added bonus of this unique format is that you benefit from the time in between to consolidate what you’re learning, aided by the extra online support provided in between blocks. This bonus support is available from your first Epic Keys to Success weekend through to the completion of your final block of Practitioner training.  This unique aspect of our training format (not offered by other trainers), is designed to help you retain your new knowledge and skills more easily and build greater confidence in your use of NLP in the ways that are right for you, so you can experience more ease, success and satisfaction in how you do life.
  • Money back guarantee! We’re so sure that this program will blow your mind in the best possible way that if you happen to find it’s not for you, simply let us know by the end of the first day we’ll give you a full refund. 

Who is this training designed for?

Are you a business professional/salesperson, teacher, coach, therapist? Or a leader/manager who wants to better support and lead his/her team more positively and effectively? Or perhaps you’re wanting to add NLP to your kete as a trainer, healer or consultant. Either way, this powerful, application-and-skill-focused program will equip you with new tools to help you excel in your field. 

Did you know that approximately 95% of the thoughts we think are repeated day in and day out; and worse than that, that 70%-80% of those thoughts are NEGATIVE?! Imagine how powerful it could be to learn HOW YOU CAN CHANGE that by reprogramming your thinking!

So, what else do you need to know to take the leap and level up?  Reach out today to check the upcoming dates for our next Practitioner certification (or part thereof). Book your seat today, you don’t want to miss out on the early bird saving, and seats are strictly limited to ensure quality.

There is no better time than now to unlock the doors to your personal and professional success. Invest in yourself and take charge of your life, harness the power of your mind, and your dreams are one step closer.


The 4 courses (6 blocks) that make up your NLP Practitioner Certification

This weekend program can be done as a standalone program. It gives you a thorough introduction to the ideas underlying NLP, what it is and HOW to CHANGE the WAY you think, as a more seamless way to create positive change in your life.

From there you can opt to continue on and learn more about the power of your mind and how to use it to create more ease & success in what you do. Each of the 6 parts is held in consecutive months and over a weekend with 1-2 week days.

We run this program twice a year subject to demand. The next course is scheduled for 10th and 11th February.

Contact us today to register and to be in the loop on any other dates or related programs!

Part 1: Epic Keys To Success (2 days)

The following month we continue developing your skills adding to your Epic Keys to Success Foundation with exciting skills like advanced rapport-building & sensory acuity to read others & adapt for better outcomes.

To this we add and explore the key skills for effective conflict resolution, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental beliefs (presuppositions) of NLP and how you can use these to experience more ease & better results in your life.

We play with the power of reframing and explore ways to tap into unconscious change within yourself in new and powerful ways, as well as unpacking language so you can respond in useful and empowering ways to the people around you.

Part 2: Getting ahead with words & people (Days 3, 4 and 5)

The next month brings us to part 3. Together these first 3 parts (9 days) make up the Epic Success Foundations course, and completing these also means you are half way through your certification as an NLP Practitioner! 

This month we’ll spend 4 days focusing on enhancing your language pattern understanding and use and exploring the epic change you can create by mastering use of the meta-model patterns.

You’ll also get more practice working in a ‘clients’, including how to reprogram an unhelpful behaviour/habit with the interrupt strategy (great for procrastination issues too) amongst many more! 

Finally, we finish with a BANG giving you the opportunity to break a board with your bare hand!

Part 3: Reframe & Re-program (Days 6-9)

This 3-day program is open to anyone who has completed Epic Keys to Success & it forms the fourth stage of your NLP Practitioner certification.

Overt this truly epic long weekend you’ll discover Timeline Therapy & trance work. Imagine learning how to guide someone through releasing past trauma to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs using Timeline Therapy & other techniques that help the brain release stored traumatic experiences.

These are just some of the amazing techniques and skills you’ll discover over these mind-blowing three days, at this stage of the program!

Part 4: Epic Release (3 day program) Days 10-12 of NLP Prac Certification

You’ll explore your personal values hierarchy so you become more aware of what drives you. You’ll learn how to use sub-modality-based patterns to adjust limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, allowing you to act more in alignment with what’s important to you.

We’ll explore aspects of personality you weren’t even aware of, & how to change the power dynamic within your relationships, so they work better for you.  You’ll discover techniques to deal with trauma & even re-program phobias that otherwise drain you, stop you or cause stress. And you’ll also have some time to plan the case study & modelling projects that you’ve been working on since day 1!

Part 5: Epic Change & Alignment (Days 13-15)

In this final block of your NLP Practitioner’s Certification we will finish off the requirements set by the IANLP with whom you will soon be accredited!  This includes the final written test which brings all your learnings together and cements them, and your various assignments if not already submitted. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what is required to gain your accreditation.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also learn more detailed anchoring techniques, practice trance induction and inducing ideomotor signals, experience & practice the power of the six step reframe to re-program unwanted behaviours or symptoms and more!

Part 6: Epic Integration & Graduation! (Days 16-18)

Hey, I’m Jaki GT. 

I’m an NLP Trainer based in Whangarei, serving Aotearoa

I have approximately 15 years of experience in NLP. I’ve used it to transform my own life, both in my career, and in my sports and other passions too.  I’m a mum of 2 and founder of My Epic Evolution. My mahi involves coaching, consulting and training people in mindset, resilience, communication and leadership. My chosen mission is to help people, particularly Mums, develop the clarity, confidence, skills and mojo to live their own epic lives, free from negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unwanted thought patterns, because together we can change the world.

I am an IANLP accredited trainer which simply means I have successfully completed all of the necessary training, study, practice and exams to not only teach others about NLP, but to certify them as NLP Practitioners too.  I was trained by some of the best in the world and am now humbled and excited to be one of the very few NLP trainers in NZ offering kanohi-ki-te-kanohi Practitioner certification. 

I am currently on a learning journey of my own developing my knowledge of Te Ao Maori, and learning to speak Te Reo, and my dream is to bring these two passions of mine, (NLP and my heritage and people) together to serve the people of Aotearoa, helping to be part of positive change in our country, one person, mindset and skillset at a time. 

Why Contact us Today?

This program is almost never (perhaps literally never) run here on your doorstep. So even if all the dates don’t quite fit you exactly as would be ideal for you, reach out today and let’s see what we CAN DO, together, to bring this extraordinary training to our doorstep!