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Epic Keys to Success is your 2-Day introduction to the joy and ‘mind magic’ of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Learn how to program your mind for confidence/calm!
  • Set goals that light you up & set you up for success! (Discover what the top 10% of successful people do!)
  • Enhance your relationships with rapport & influence skills!
  • Master your internal voice to reprogram self-sabotage & doubt.
  • And much more!
Here’s what to expect when you attend Epic Keys to Success

Epic Keys to Success: Tap into the power of your mind

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If there's a voice in your head that says: "But I can't afford the time or money right now" OR "my family needs it and me more"...

  Can we just pause for a moment and consider that what you and your family want & need most is NOT being fully realised currently anyway, not as it is? And while that’s understandable, perhaps even normal, it doesn’t make it good. How good would it feel to change that!

You want more of the good stuff and good times for you and your whanau. It’s just a matter of the ‘how’ and working through the logistics.

At least, that’s what I, and many others have realised, and that awareness, that change was only possible if we took the first step. For many people that step was Keys to Success. This program is designed to help you tap into the power of your unconscious mind, gain greater clarity and confidence, and find new ways of thinking and communicating that help you achieve more and feel more positive in our daily lives.

That’s what I was seeking when I took the leap and here’s what I discovered: When, as a parent, manager or employee, we take the time to work on ourselves – EVERYONE WINS.

What if, the way you can best show up for your family, colleagues/work and future self is by taking this time, this 2 days, to learn some powerful new ways to create the success you really want?


Is cashflow tight in your whare right now?

If money is a concern, just enquire about our Payment Plan options. Yours success and happiness is way too important to put off because of money. And there will never be a more perfect time than now because the sooner you develop these skills and mindset, the sooner you will start to see the results! Waiting is for doctor’s offices and ‘help lines’, taking action towards the life you want – that’s too important to wait!


Do you feel like you’re not quite on track with where you want to be? Like there must be an easier way?

You are not alone! Its been a chaotic, messy couple of years, and many, many people are feeling that way. This program offers you tools to change that by introducing you to the 5 keys to success. You’ll discover how to develop the mindset and skills that help you to harness the power of NLP and apply it in your life, step-by-step.

1. Know what you want. Clarity in your goals gives you greater confidence & you can use this to program your unconscious mind to help you achieve your end goals (personally & professionally). You’ll learn what the top 10% of successful people do to achieve their big goals, so you can use that to set you up for success in your own epic goals!

2. Program your mind and start to master limiting, negative emotions so you are ready & able to take action. Establish a positive internal voice to help you do just that!

3. Develop the sensory awareness & skill to notice your new results, including reading other people so you can build rapport and influence leading to stronger relationships.

4. Build flexibility into your approach to adjust as needed & be successful.  Understand how you experience the world and learn to optimise that!

5. Explore the power of your unconscious mind and install powerful beliefs and discover some new, empowering concepts that help you change your thinking & focus, to change your outcomes.

Are you are of your unhelpful negative thinking patterns?

Imagine being able to program your mind to help you feel confident or calm in any situation. NLP gives you tools to do just that.  

Are you sick of second-guessing yourself and having that voice or fear of failure that pops into your head trip you up? What if you could learn how to moderate that voice and reduce the impact of those insecurities?

Would you like to improve your ability to relate to others?

In this program you’ll learn to become aware of how people are thinking (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, self-talk), and use that to connect with them, build rapport and create cooperation faster.

There is so much about communication that is unconscious and not understood. As they say ‘no man is an island’ and your success and happiness in life is far easier when we learn how to connect with, better understand and influence them positively.


Are you over playing guessing games?

Did you know that in excess of 90% of our communication is delivered non-verbally? The majority can be read in our body language (which is governed largely unconsciously), then comes auditory, non-verbal communication, i.e. our tone/volume/pitch etc., and finally, a mere 7% of the meaning we take, is estimated to be drawn from the specific words used… No wonder we get it wrong so often – both in our delivery, and in our interpretation too. And how much drama, inefficiency, stress and confusion does that gap in our communication skills and inter-personal awareness cause? Yet, we don’t teach communication like this in our schools, vocational colleges, polytechs or universities.

Imagine the differences it will make to you, personally and professionally, to be able not only to ensure your own communication is aligned and clear, but also to be able to read between the lines visually and auditorily.  Imagine the confidence that may come from having a good idea of how the other person is thinking, and  being able to read whether they are on board with you yet, or not. 

Because body language is mostly unconscious it gives us a clearer understanding of what’s going on for the other person than only the words they choose to share. Boost your relationships, confidence and influence by improving your sensory acuity (ability to notice and read these signs) over this 2 day program! 


What People Say about Jaki as an NLP Trainer & Coach

Jaki is wonderful to deal with, plain talking and full of ideas and techniques to develop yourself and your business. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her care is genuine.


[I joined the Epic journey recently] and I am pleased to share that I have inecreased energy, more enthusiasm for life… for the potential I see in my future… AND I am just so much happier!


The Epic Evolution Program equipped me with the tools to master my thinking and my time. I now have more confidence to reach my goals and create the life I want!


Hi! My name is Jaki GT
I’m a fully certified NLP Trainer (IANLP) with a passion for helping people like you unlock the Power of your mind to create a life YOU LOVE, both personally and professionally.

Top marks if you picked that the pic to the side isn’t me. But she was too fun to leave out. Its important to have fun, don’t you think?

OK, but you want to know about me too, huh? Fair enough.  Let’s see.

I’m a mum of two amazing souls (currently 9 and 7 yrs old), a business-woman, coach and consultant, a wife and avid crossfitter, a passionate, playful creative & a visionary with some big ass kick ass dreams!  That’s me today, but back when our daughter arrived, I found myself in a very different headspace.  I’ve always loved being a Mum; but I got lost in the busyness of the role: in the rushing and people pleasing, in the never-ending demands from everyone, the bottomless ‘to-do’ lists, and the musts, should’s and cannot’s. 

No doubt, life can be hard, and it takes powerful mental and emotional programming as well as relationships to do it well.

Back then I just kept focusing on doing what I knew. I kept going with my unaligned habits, my overthinking, relying on my coping skills and ‘one day at a time’ mantra – even though I knew that none of this was rocking my world or lighting me up. It was a ‘devil you know’ – status quo approach born out of not having other options available to me. And we’re seeing so much of that stuck and depleted mindset since the covid-19 bomb exploded across the world, bombarding and overwhelming our emotional reserves and changed our expectations and re-setting societal norms.

We tell ourself we are doing the best we can at the time with the tools available to us, and I that’s true. But maybe you’re like me and have realised that thats not good enough. That we are letting what we can’t do now define not only our now, but our future too.

I realised that until I made a change, nothing else could. I realised that while I might be happy (resigned) to wait until my kids were ‘older’, that I didn’t want them to learn from my example, that life is about coping, sucking it up, pushing through, rushing, people pleasing. I started to ask myself what they were learning from my example. 

 So you can imagine the joy and relief when I discovered how I could use NLP to change my thinking and many of the problems I was experiencing! As I started to transform my mindset, my choices and my world opened up to new ideas, beliefs and possibilities. All of it started with Keys to Success, so I’m excited to offer this program myself, right here in Whangarei, for you to experience your own kind of epic too.

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