Welcome to Epic Me!
The 10 week mindset & wellbeing program designed to help you feel clearer and more confident, as you transform your life from stuck to EPIC!

Discover how to program your mind for more calm and balance.

Finally! A program that works FOR and around YOU.

Discover the skills, drive and sense of self and connection that you’ve been missing. Get back on track, feel more positive and energised, and so much more!h

Deal with your past issues so you can own your present & step into your future with new-found confidence!

Take back control of your time, and ultimately, fall in love with your life!

Want a sneak peek?

Below is just a small sample of some of the topics and modules you’ll discover and explore on your Epic Me Development journey. This program and your coach guide you to balance the fascinating process of discovering and learning, with the step-by-step processes and actions that will help you create the change you want to see in your life – at work AND at home too.

Epic Benefits & Results

What Our Clients Say

Epic Me!


This is no ordinary online personal development program.

Nor is this an ordinary professional development coaching program.

Epic is defined by being ‘beyond the ordinary’, that’s the headspace and possibility we’ll help you cultivate.

This is much more than an off-the rack e-training course or workshop, this IS a revolutionary approach to development that takes the whole ‘YOU’ into account and helps you find a happier, bolder, more epic way of being.

Here, you have the chance to gain new energy, clarity and self-confidence, at a level you’ve never had before.

Following accredited NLP Trainer Jaki GT’s pathway which draws on a wide range of NLP tools, you’ll discover new ideas and powerful techniques you can use to craft your life from the inside – out. Including:

  • Auditing your beliefs and discarding those that have been holding you back,
  • installing useful new strategies for dealing with problems,
  • and identifying new ways to communicate with others

This program offers you a pathway for determining the life you want to live free of outdated beliefs, so its aligned with your values and vision.

You’ll discover how to program your mind for more calm and balance and thats after we give you new tools and skills to find the time and motivation you’ve been lacking.

This is a chance to connect with your sense of self, resolve past trauma and revise limiting beliefs so you can step into your power. From that position you can decide what you want your epic life to look like.

Find your why – and develop the mindset to Take back control of your time, and ultimately, fall in love with your life

Are you thinking “If only I had the time!”

aI get it, you’re time-poor and right now you just can’t imagine having the time you think you need to do or achieve more… especially something epic.  There are certain ‘realities’ in your life that have you feeling stuck, and your worry is that trying to cram more in might well upset the delicate balance you work so hard for. 

I’ve been there. Here’s what you should know: This program was created for busy mums who live that reality too. Where life is a crazy, chaotic jumble of juggling, rushing and coping, every day. Epic Me was designed for women who’ve lived that long enough and are ready to finally change those patterns.

So, the first thing we cover is simple, powerful steps and tools that will help you to take back control over your time and clarify your goals & priorities. From there you’ll be far more able to implement the new practices & techniques you discover, resulting in a ‘re-knewed mindset’, better habits and a clearer, calmer more confident YOU.

Maybe that sounds too easy to be true, but it’s been tried and tested (see testimonials below), and as you’ll see, it works!  One way it works is that Epic Me being mostly online, is ready when you are! You can do it at YOUR CONVENIENCE! Imagine adding something to your life that actually works with, around and for you?!

Epic Me is designed for exactly that, with online Modules you can fit in at a time that suits you!

While the video sessions and type of resources differ from module to module, as a general rule, you can change your life to EPIC in around 30 minutes a day + your one hour coaching session each week. We’ll show you how step by step, and you’ll be blown away by how good you feel as you finally start to make inroads on this journey, creating changes you haven’t been able to until now.  The weekly personalised coaching gives you the extra customised support you need to supplement your online learning!


You’re not sure exactly what you do want, so how can this program help you?

So we’ve covered the when, now lets talk the what! This program will take you step by step through simple, powerful techniques, ideas and re-sets that will help you reduce or eliminate the stuff thats cluttering up your mind and life, and give you space and energy to fill it with more good stuff. We’re talking balance, confidence and clarity. 

I know, that sounds so good you’re wondering if it can possibly be that easy? Well, it’s kind of like having to cook dinner, you know? The most draining part is deciding what to have the will meet everyone’s needs and getting the ingredients to make that happen. With Epic Me, we’ve done the hard parts (the planning and prep if you will) for you. So, think of the program as the recipe to your success.  This stuff is sexy AF, fun and some people find it so empowering and fascinating they do well more than the usual 30 minutes a day. But on a busy or tough day, its good to know that you can fit it in. We even cover how (strategies to make more time!) in the first 1-2 weeks. And I get that you’re busy, so we alternate between learning & applying it in your life, so you see real results FAST!

But you’re unique, so how can this program possibly fit your unique needs?

Perhaps the biggest thing that sets this program apart from other things you’ve tried, and the other programs out there, is that we provide honest-to-goodness REAL talk, guidelines to make the changes and extra, tailored support when things get tough. You’ll get the benefit of weekly coaching and YOU get to decide how to use these sessions.

Its like having your very own coach, guide or mentor to support you each week, without the exorbitant price-tag. In these sessions we can review any of the content you’ve been through, you can get answers to how it applies FOR YOU, we can take the time to work through any issues or challenges that may have popped up as you did.

I’m not going to say this is genie in the bottle kinda stuff, but if I could waive my magic wand and NLP away any limiting beliefs, past trauma, or provide extra guidance on situations or issues you’re facing, then that’s what we’ll do in your 60 minute session.  At a minimum (even if we’re doing group coaching) you’ll get 2 one-to-one epic change sessions with me to use at your discretion, as related to the objectives YOU set at the beginning of the program. It really is going to be epic!

When can I do this? 2024 Dates below!

The program runs according to demand, in the first calendar year quarter and last calendar year quarter of the year.

Currently the schedule for 2024 offers the following dates:

* 17th and 18th February (weekend course)

* Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March

* 6th and 7th April (weekend course)

 Dates for October and November TBA. 

The investment for the 2 day (9am-5pm each day) program is $600 excl GST per person, with discounts available for BNI and Chamber members, and group bookings. 

If none of the above dates work with your current schedule contact us to register your interest for future ones and/or explore other possibilities!


“You will not regret it! The shift within is such an amazing, beautiful and powerful experience!

Extremely empowering and you have access to one of the best coaches on the planet!.”


Do it. There will never be a perfect time for this.

In fact if you feel like you possibly can’t fit anything else into your life, then this is a true sign that this course is for you and you need it.”


“Jaki is super supportive and will help you the whole way through in a kind and un-judgemental way.

You will come out more empowered and with clearer direction and more time.. I promise!”


Hi, My name is Jaki GT

I’ll be Your NLP Trainer & Guide

I’m a mum of two, a business owner and Epic Revolutionary with over 15 years of following my vision of helping people move past their stuck limiting beliefs to discover the joy and power of the epic inside of them. I’m a cross-fitter who loves coffee, animals and adventures. I’m a student of life and of various educational institutions too. I love to learn and my many qualifications are an homage to that passion, and they have helped me develop the epic program you’re about to experience and benefit from.  

I love seeing people overcome baggage, navigate the challenges in front of them, and start to really shine, as they step into the new possibilities that open up for them. This program is the culmination of my life experience, education, study, and professional practice as am coach & HR consultant and I’m constantly adding to it so it keeps evolving over time. It combines much of my experience as a mum, facilitator, NLP consultant and empath in an increasingly busy, bossy, often overwhelming world.  I’m excited to be able to offer this program to you, its designed especially w’ith parents in mind, especially working mums, because I’ve been in that stuck, mummified place and I know not only the joy and satisfaction of rising above it, but the path to follow to do so.

Being a parent is perhaps the most rewarding role there is, but girl, can it take everything out of you along the way… right?! I mean, big time! So much so that some days (too often) you feel there is nothing left to give… And yet even then the demands and ‘must do’s’ do not relent… There’s still your work, the rest of your family and friends, your staff or the other people relying on you, and ‘me’ and ‘so-called me-time’ often falls off the list. 

Yes. Lets talk about THE list… the never-ending one that’s always on your mind, and perhaps on your phone or a pad somewhere too.. Lest we forget (yeah, right). And it’s this omnipotent, omnipresent list that governs our life – what we say yes to, all the things we ‘have’ to say ‘no’ to, the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘I’d betters’ that barrage & clutter our minds, as we ignore the ‘nice to have’ in lieu of tending to everything we ‘have to do’ according to our mental list.

Never was a list more aptly named.  This whole process is mental – in every sense!  

So its no wonder that gradually our sense of self, our confidence, and with it our purpose can fade. Certainly that spark inside of us flickers in the hustle and bustle and busyness of just trying to get shit done. And years can pass like this, leading to anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, malaise and general stuckness. So, I created this program. And no longer is it just for mums. Its an experience more and more of us are going through as we struggle to juggle life’s demands. We’ve lost our balance. Too often and too many of us have lost our joy, our playefulness, our patience… our zing.

This program is designed to help you take that back, one simple step at a time, starting with the things you can control, in this crazy world. I hope you like it. I believe you will, like those that have been through EPIC before you. Its a journey of transformation and I’m humbled and excited to see you start that journey. I can’t wait to work with you as you define your own unique brand of epic, from the inside… all the way… up and out!

You’ve been wanting a change for a while, but the ‘when’ and ‘how’ have stopped you… Until Now! With Epic Me, you’ll finally move past those old barriers so you can enjoy more ease, confidence and satisfaction!

Discover how to program your mind for more calm and balance, resolve past trauma & revise limiting beliefs, so you can take step into your power, take back control of YOUR time & ultimately fall in love with your life!
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