Quiz: What do you know and believe about Anxiety?

What we ‘know’ and believe is a major filter for what we expect & go on to learn, so let’s start by looking at your current beliefs and knowledge, and go from there…

This quick quiz will help you become aware of what you already know and currently believe, as well as likely challenging some of the limiting beliefs or misinformation you may have been operating on! Why? Because I don’t want you just to learn ‘useful, interesting stuff’ here. Rather, I want to start at the beginning of your anxiety experience, and that all begins with your beliefs, awareness and possibly some past traumatic or embarrassing experiences/associations that your brain may have coded in a non-useful way… But I’m jumping ahead, first…. the quiz!

There is every possibility that some of these answers have surprised, maybe even unsettled you, as you reconsider the limiting beliefs or incorrect knowledge you’ve been working on until now. Do stick with the program, that discomfort is just a nudge in the right direction and this is the beginning of a new way of thinking of and doing (or rather, not doing) anxiety, and taking back the control and joy of having ease in your day-to-day life.