Welcome! Are you ready to kick anxiety to the curb?

I am so excited you’ve decided to join the epic evolution revolution and TAKE CONTROL of your emotions, thoughts, wellbeing and habits to reduce and optimise your anxiety response… and thus, change your life! Things in your life are about to ramp up to a new level of epic for you. Here’s a bit about what to expect.

Let’s start this session with a short video that welcomes you to the program and starts to build your awareness of how you’ve developed this anxiety response that’s been so irritating or overwhelming, potentially for a very long time.

This video will help you broadly understand not only your old, unwanted anxiety response, but will also give you insight into how you see/experience the wider world (and why others see it differently too). This is an introduction to one of the underlying principles of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), which is that, that the map is not the territory. That is, the way we see the world is not the world itself, only our interpretation/reading of it at that time, with the focus and filters we are running at that time.

This program is different to any other you’ll have come across for 3 main reasons.

  1. This program is designed to work WITH your brain in a more useful way! Here you will learn a new, more comfortable and more useful way of thinking about anxiety. Anxiety is a primed, pre-programmed but unhelpful reaction to a certain set of beliefs, memories & values. It has certain characteristics, precursors and behaviours and when we adjust those, we adjust the end result. That means in this program you’ll be able to start to challenge old thinking & programming which have kept you tied to unwanted, ‘knee-jerk’ worry and anxiety experiences, to get out of that stuckness and take back control.
  2. The techniques & resources you’ll have access to here are focused on what YOU have been doing that has been reliably leading to that horrible, almost uncontrollable experience of anxiety, chronic anxious thinking patterns and perhaps even anxiety attacks. Because when we understand how these patterns work, we can change them at any number of different stages, and in a number of different ways.
  3. This program is designed to put you back in control and give you new choices & strategies you can use to better enjoy your life, free of debilitating anxiety. Its also designed to done at your own pace. That means you can sit down and knock it all out fast, or take your time exploring which of the many techniques work best for you.